Amber Class – Year 2 & 3

 This term we are learning about…




Gems – Year 2


Term 5 topic April 2016 – A Wonderful World

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Term 4 topic February 2016 – Animals in Danger

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Term 3 topic January 2016 – Let’s be Inventive

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Children have really enjoyed accessing reading books since the arrival of the new bookcase. In Literacy lessons, embedding the key skill of using dictionaries to support writing, is an important element of the learning.


Term 2 topic November – Italy


Term 1 topic September 2015 — Where in the World am I?


Whole school summer holiday project – thank you for encouraging your child/ren to take photos and find out all sorts of information about different countries during the summer holidays. We have a great variety of countries represented and types of information (even some turkish delight!) and we are gradually building up a display in the corridor between Diamond and Sapphire classrooms.

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